Hello friends. Please have a peek at the blog I wrote for Indies Unlimited. Indies is a relatively new group dedicated to promoting Indie authors. Their team members are all writers whom I admire and respect. And I have the true honour of being invited to join their team. This is my first post as a contributing member.


This is the link to a guest post on Shelley Workinger’s site. It is all about food and herbs used in my books. You will get hungry reading it. 🙂


Hi Penelope, tell us just a bit about yourself.

I am an artist and writer, married for 20 years with a 14 year old son.
I’ve been writing forever.
I love scary things—not Saw scary—more elegant and psychological.
A dream night for me would be to have a lovely dinner in a haunted
setting. Very moody…candles, opulent decorations, and a few paranormal

What genre do you write in and why?
I write kid’s books as Dea Lenihan because I seem to have an endless supply of stories I want to tell them. I write dark fiction, horror, and psychological horror as Penelope Crowe. I think it is a form of personal exorcism. 

Tell us about your most recent book.

Dark Moon Presents Vampires! is an anthology that contains my short story The Key to Happiness. It’s a dark twist on vampirism. 100 Unfortunate Days is an experimental book written in diary form and follows the narrator through her fear of the devil to her terrible marriage. Some ‘days’ are like pretty fairy tales, and some are like nightmares.

Any advice for aspiring writers?

Don’t overthink it. You will most likely make mistakes, but don’t put things off because you are afraid of making them. And also, write like yourself, not like someone else. Like they say at Nike—just do it!

Links to your books and sites.

Liar, liar, pants on fire!!!!


The utterer of this indignation was a 21/2 year old moppet. Were it not for the glare in her wide grey eyes she would have seemed angelic. Can cherubs be indignant?

My stunned mind observed.

The occupants of the other tables in the museum’s cafeteria showed a kaleidoscope of reactions; amusement, disapproval, annoyance, pretending not to notice, grandmotherly knowing, hand over mouth hiding a smile, whispers behind bent heads, shoulders shaking with laughter.

At moppet’s table big brother smirked. The attention was off him and baby sister was in for it. Good!

The seat next to moppet showed Auntie trying not to laugh. Across, Daddy looked embarrassed, even shocked.

That left me, Mom, cause of the outburst. Action was required. Eyes were on me. It was me that brought her into this world, that spoke the words that led to this accusation, me that was supposed to be in control of my errant offspring.

All this in the limbo of silence. A moment frozen in time and etched in memory.

Take moppet by the hand and lead her into the washroom. Have ‘the talk’. Return to table.

As moppet resumes her seat big brother asks with expectant glee, “Did you get a spanking?”

Moppet lifts chin, triumphant. “No, we just talked.”

Chuckles audible from adjacent table.

I have just received the revised cover for the edited version of Back From Chaos. It will be available on both Kindle and Amazon within the next two weeks, fates permitting. My daughter Lyrra has been seconded to help me with the up-loads next week-end. Please refer to the ‘take a peek’ page for the first several pages.

Here it is.