Useful information from others

This one comes from Jodie Renner via my editor Wendy Reis/ How to Slash Your Word Count by 20-50% / Editor & Author Jodie Renner.


Glynis Smy shares some good infomation. I’m going back to sharpen my profile./The Importance of Gravatars.

More from David Gaughran: Something every author needs to know/ The Bookseller Hires Author Solutions Exec To Spout Propaganda.

Colour me guilty./6 Reasons Writers See No Value In Facebook.

Editing/Some people do shoot the messenger….

Hmmmm, a new way to look at it. What do you think?/Things That Make Me Head-Hopping Angry.

Kristen does it again. Good stuff. What Are the Odds of Success? …Really?.

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