JKMikals2My work in progress is called Cold, Cold Heart.  What’s it about?  In 1941 a girl journeys across a grey Atlantic filled with U-boats to wartime Panama, only to be spurned by her new husband. Pregnant, she struggles to survive, hide the child and conceal all further trace of herself.  Why did she work so hard to block her trail? 

The idea popped up on two different fronts. While trying to straighten out my incredibly tangled paperwork for residency in Panama, I found whole rooms full of strangers quieting so they could eavesdrop as I regaled the officials with tales of my probable origins.  That gave me an appreciation of how intriguing the story was.  Then, a casual suggestion in a science popularization book about quantum physics that it might – actually – be possible to shift the past sent the story roaring into my keyboard.

Genre?  I guess we have to call it literary, although, too, it is a mystery without a murder, and contains elements of what some might still call science fiction.  I can’t say what other books it might be like, because I haven’t seen anything quite like it before.  It’s certainly not like my first book, A Chip in Time, which is a satire featuring fertility gods, businessmen, the Akashic Records, rabid squirrels and an innocent twit who is supposed to save the world.  A Chip in Time takes a gentle swipe at nearly everything and makes people laugh, while Cold, Cold Heart raises questions and might make readers cry.

I’m an Indie to the core, so I’ll be publishing it myself on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace.  Look for occasional teasers and discussions of the back story and science behind it on my blog at http://blogspot.com/jkmikals .