First I want to thanks all those who responded to my last missive. It was intended as a clarification, mostly for readers, as writers have already encountered the controversy and often have strong opinions about it, as do I.

I hope that my fans now have a better understanding of point of view so that when they read they will recognize it and be able to decide for themselves what they like and what they do not. I would like them to ask themselves (if they wish) whether they like the way a particular author uses point of view in their writing. It seems to me that, aside from the writer, it is readers who decide what they want to read. And once they are informed it gives them a better understanding of why they like a certain style. I would love to hear from some of you as it will be interesting to know if you agree, in general, with the editors and publishers. I wonder if anyone has actually asked your opinion. Publishers may think that since you have not studied this concept you will not understand it and so will not be able to form an opinion. I disagree. In my experience those who read books, are, for the most part, intelligent people. And since you are the ones buying our books, I would love to know what you think. If I get enough responses to come to any conclusions I will write a blog about what I learned.

I know I said I would write about my personal experiences with learning and writing Point of View (POV going forward) but I think I will wait a bit to see if anyone has anything to say so far. And I have prepared a blog that may be posted by a fellow writer soon. If that goes forward I will include the link here.