I am so excited. The sequel to “Back From Chaos” is finally in the capable hands of my editor,  Wendy Reis, and she has nothing but praise for it. I hope my readers agree with her assessment. Next step, after she has finished, is to send it to a ‘formatter’ so I can e-publish, as I am not good with computers. And getting the cover design done.

I am still toying with the idea of sending it to “TOR’ or a couple of other well respected Fantasy publishers. To be accepted there would be a dream come true. In the mean time I need to remain realistic. I just wish I knew that that means. And should I be looking for competitions to enter, keeping in mind that many are restricted to traditionally published authors. Thank goodness that is changing and more competitions are opening up to self-published authors.  All this takes courage.

It also takes skill to find those competitions and send my work in the format they require and go through the steps they ask for. All this will be new to me, but ‘life is for learning’ to quote an old saw, so I will learn.Thank you to all you wonderful people who encourage me to fly. I am grateful to all of you. You keep me sane. I will keep you all abreast of my progress.