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Kristi Belcamino is really being messed around by Amazon. Yesterday morning, she was rank-stripped for the third time, and it appears to be happening every time she puts a book free – even before she hits the promo sites or moves up the charts.

Back in September, Kristi was one of the unfortunate (and innocent) authors who were unfairly rank-stripped by Amazon for several weeks. She had a BookBub promotion which catapulted her up to #3 in the Free charts on September 18, was then rank-stripped, and didn’t have the sanction lifted until October 22 – over one month later.

Along with all the other authors I wrote about in October’s post Amazon’s Hall of Spinning Knives, Kristi received the standard form letter about rank manipulation from Amazon KDP’s Compliance team, regarding her book Blessed are the Peacemakers.


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To all my followers, friends and fans, I have a big favour to ask. I’d like you all to come with me to my new (improved, I hope) website/blog. It has the same overall look but has some better features. I intend to use the new one for all my posts, going forward. If you like what you have seen here, please come over and join me there. I’d hate to lose you. I think I have more ‘follow’ options than here as well, so you may find it friendlier to use.

The url for the new site is: http://newfantasyauthor.com.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and feedback. I look forward to continuing our relationship there.




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